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Healthy Food


Advisor Number: 210224957 

A healthy balanced diet is a huge part of my passion for life. I believe that fueling your body with fresh, natural, varied and delicious food is the best way to eat. Avoiding chemicals and processed foods. 


When I discovered the Thermomix, I was truly excited that this machine could help me to cook better, faster and also cheaper. It has helped me to eat more healthier than I already did, making food from scratch is so easy and tastes so much better. Making my own fresh curry pastes, my own mayonnaise in 5 minutes (without ‘E’ numbers), very quick simple dishes, delicious desserts and so much more.


The Thermomix is not a kitchen Gadget, it is your sous chef. I had all the other kitchen gadgets, but they have now gone and I truly believe that if you love food and need to save time and money. invest in the Thermomix. You will not look back and you will be eating delicious. restaurant quality food, every day!


Seeing is believing with the Thermomix so please get in touch to find out about my next cooking experience. There's no obligation to buy and it is always a fun, yummy and social experience.  

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